Monday, April 9, 2012

I like knives!

My last post made me realize that I seem to have another slight obsession about pocket knives.

I purchased this knife at the New Mexico State Fair in 1981 and it has been a faithful companion since then.
This knife is in my pocket, probably, 3 weeks out of every month.

I also pulled out the knives that rotate through my pocket.

These 'junior' trappers, along with the old Uncle Henry, all seem to work really well. I like them

But I have to admit that my every day carry knife doesn't fit in my pocket. No, it rests on my hip.

In case you wondered, this is what a fountain pen using, letter writing husband of the same wife, father of three sons, ag teaching guy uses.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Now That's a Knife!

The internet is a funny thing. I mean, you go to research something and 6 hours later you have found The Red Hot Chili Peppers covering the Beach Boys here and you know that it costs 2.4 cents to make a penny. Not that your time was wasted or anything.

However, occasionally even a blind hog can find an acorn. I'm not certain how I arrived at Modern Vintage Man, but I did. Tim and Matt are a pair of ministers from the upper Midwest and well, in their words, "We're awesome." After following their blog for less than a month, I have to agree, they are awesome.

These guys are always giving something away. A few weeks ago, they set out a series of internet tasks one must do in order to win the giveaway of one of the products they reviewed. I decided to play along with their game. I faithfully tweeted, followed, got all up in their facebook, commented and did a few other things that made no sense in an internet game, but heck, even possums like Nutella!

Imagine my surprise to know that I had won! Here is their post about my winning a CASE knife! I yelped out loud when I won and told Carla, "I just won a new pocket knife!" She responded in her own understated fashion, "Oh good, you were about to run out."

In a few short days, the friendly UPS man delivered a neat and tidy package to my front door. Inside that package was a little box.

What could it be?

Careful unrolling of the brown tissue paper revealed

I had no idea this thing was so big! And so beautiful!!!! I'm not sure if this is a knife I can carry every day, but I just case I need to butcher something or do other delicate work of that type.

Here are a couple of pictures giving you an idea of the size. The comparison knife if my Case Junior Trapper, a 3 inch knife with 3 inch blades.

I threw in a quarter to give you some perspective:

And finally, here is my hand in the photo as well:

CASE knifes are known for their quality and being made in the USA. This is my second CASE knife and I am sure that it will become a faithful tool in my life. It is just beautiful with the bone handle and super shiny blades and the brass liner and pins holding it all together. Someday, perhaps it might belong to one of my grandchildren, just like I have my Grandpa Mayfield's pocket knives.

Here is a sample of my regular rotation of pocket knive (this is what I could gather up in less that 30 seconds)

Yes, I threw in the fountain pen because the written word can be sharper than any double edged sword!

Head over to Modern Vintage Man and give them a look. Perhaps you can find a gift or an idea for something for yourself.

On another note, my arm and shoulder and wrist and elbow are improving, so I have started replying to the mountain of letters that have built up this week. Keep an eye on your mailbox!