Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bullet Journal - Week 1

As threatened, here are some of my thoughts after trying the bullet journal for about 1 week.  I am including some photos of my notes before I tried this method and what they look like after just a few days.  

I chose to use the Field Notes book I started using on October 8.  I anticipate that this particular notebook may not be large enough, but, I really like the portability.

Here is the pocket notebook I am starting out with. The pen is a TWSBI Diamond 540.

This is what my notes typically look like.

Another shot of my notes. Most of what I write is pretty jumbled.

This spread was from the time I decided to try out the bullet method.

This is my first index and calendar layout.

This is my first "daily" use of the method. I want to make sure my notes are not scattered out over many floating slips of paper, so everything will go in this book.  I need to determine how much I really need to write down. Oh, in case you wonder, the mechanical pencil is a .5mm Waterman I have carried for years.

This is a typical day's notes.

I have a few issues to work out with how I use this technique. The first is determining how much I will write as far as meeting notes. Secondly, I want to wrap my brain around using only a few symbols for prioritizing. Third, I need to decide if the pocket size format is right for this use. I think it would be really neat if some of the makers of pocket notebooks would send me a few samples to try out;)I mean, what company would not want to expose their products to my massive readership of my wife and maybe 1 or 2 other people?  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bullet Journal

I am trying out a new organizational strategy called Bullet Journal. Check out the link and let me know what you think.

I will be sharing a few pictures of my approach in the next few days. I may have shared in the past that I am a planner geek, but I have discovered that I really don't want to keep carrying around that big old planner binder anymore. So I am adapting this method to a simple yet pretentious Field Notes pocket notebook. This method is part of a feeble attempt I am embarking on to trim the internet tether I seem to find myself on. Technology can be a little too distracting for me at times and rather than use it as a tool, I tend to use it as a crutch.

Yes, its been too long since I last blogged. I hope my legion of follower is still paying attention.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A little Pencil Sketching

I write my letters with a fountain pen. However, lately, I've become enamored with pencils and a little bit of sketch drawing. Here are a couple of rough drawings I made today.

Critical feedback is welcomed.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bifocal wearing hipster? Field Notes and Blackwing Pencil

I have always been a list writer. I like little books. I like pencils. So I bit the metaphorical bullet and purchased some Field Notes books and a box of Palomino Blackwing 602 pencils. Look for a review of each in the near future.

I must finish this Clairefontaine book before I start on the Field Notes.

Here is your humble blogger styling the new nausea inducing no lines progressive lens spectacles.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Month of Letters Update

This week for the Month of Letters, I am using Noodler's Green Marine in my fountain pens. Thus far in February, I have sent 15 letters out and have 2 postcards to reply to tonight.

I have told a few of my penpals that I gave up my super smart Android phone. I discovered that my old dumb LG phone will allow me to post to this blog, so this is a dumbpost.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Guess what? My wife decided to spend a very small amount of money on typewriters. She bought a his and hers model. Guess who get's which?

A couple of my pen pals will be getting typed letters this week. Specifically the letters are going to The Snail Mailer and The Post Muse.

Wilson decided to get in on the fun!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting ready for Lettermo

I participated in the Month of Letters Challenge in 2012. It was a fun and intense time. I thought I would do again, but this year, I plan to pace myself a bit.

The Month of Letters challenge is quite simple-write and mail one letter per day for each day the post office is open in February. I think I wrote and sent over 40 letters last year! Head over to Month Of Lettersto sign up and check it out. You might make a few new friends and well, you will do your part to keep the wonderful tradition of sending mail alive!

I will be using a fountain pen again this year. My friend Joel, from St. Peter, Minnesota, kindly included the Month of Letters bookmark in his last letter. I've also included a few photos of mail I received in the last week or so. All fun and all personal.