Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bullet Journal - Follow-up

I've continued to use the bullet journal idea to try and keep most of my stuff in the same pile on most days.  I don't have an "important" job with tons of appointments, but I always have little tasks and priorities to take care of.  I no longer need that big old Daytimer binder with the pre-printed pages and since I'm becoming more of a free spirit as I get older, I really enjoy the free-form nature of the bullet journal idea.

I spend a couple of bucks in May and bought this leather notebook cover from Gearn8tion at All Day Ruckoff.  It seems to be well made and who doesn't like a nice leather notebook?

I pondered using a larger notebook but realized that I needed something I would carry with in my pockets or drop it in my briefcase.  So I settled on the Field Notes notebooks for my preferred planner.  I originally just carried a notebook in my pocket, but found the cover coming off well before the notebook was filled up.  The leather cover solved this problem.

I put 2 notebooks in the cover and am happy about the size.  My idea is to use the left hand notebook first.  When it is full, I'll just start on the right hand book and then, when I no longer need quick access to the left hand book, I'll archive it, move the right one over and insert a new one on the left side.

Following are some of the pages and how I use them.  The daily pages are generally a running log of what I need to do and what I've done or noticed or whatnot.

I've experimented with different calendar layouts and have settled on this style for now.  It is pretty conventional but still allows for some customizing.  I primarily put appointments or deadlines here.

I'm experimenting with a weekly layout to give me a little more room for information about appointments or big ticket items.

I've stuck with the bullet journal idea for at least a year now and I think it might work for me.