Friday, March 30, 2012


Dear legion of reader,

I have a problem with my back, primarily with muscles in my upper back, neck and shoulder. This little problem means that I am having a really hard time holding a pen to write. I am getting better, but, I don't know when my ability to hold a pen will come back and allow me to write again. So, be patient. All of the letters I have received in the past week, will be answered. It just may take a while.

I have emailed a few of you. Even typing can be a problem. So, please say a little prayer for me to have patience and allow the healing to take place. I will write back, I promise.

I wonder if this had something to do with writing over 70 letters during February and March!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Back and well, it wasn't that long! Working on a book

Hi all, I'm back. I guess my hiatus was more of a hia...

I have a new project. My sister spent a great deal of time making a family tree for all of us in honor of our parent's Golden Wedding Anniversary. It turned out great.

Now, I am not quite of the older generation, but I am getting close to that stage, so I thought to myself that I really don't know stories beyond my own grandparents live's as they related to me. This family tree goes pretty deep and well, it would be a shame to miss out on stories that someone still remembers.

So I am on a quest for my family's stories. I have started writing to aunts and uncles and have asked them to write/type/record stories that they remember about their grandparents. I hope to weave these stories together with a little book my grandmother Helen Shannon wrote about 25 years ago called "A Western Love Affair" about her and Grandpa Cecil's lives in New Mexico and Colorado. Perhaps I can give a bit of honor to their memories and gather up a bit of our history.

I have no illusions of grandeur about this project, but I do have visions of capturing a bit more of my family's journey across America.

Wish me luck.

Friday, March 2, 2012


I probably have too many notebooks. But each one was purchased with a specific purpose in mind.
This is my log of mail received. It is a simple Clairefontaine Life Unplugged pocket size notebook.
I use this one at school to capture notes of what is happening in each class.

I keep a journal in a Quo Vadis Habana.

I'm keeping some Bible Study notes in a Rhodia Webnotebook.

And I use this humble composition notebook to keep lesson planning notes in.

I thought I would stack them up and snap a few photos of the notebooks I am writing in at the moment.

Sometimes I practice my handwriting -

I don't have a problem, do I?