Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Pennsylvania Owls

In an effort to not alienate my almost (well not quite) dozens of followers, I have decided to only post letter stuff here and bicycling stuff on Two Wheels On The Dirt So if you want a little bicycle touring OCD, go there.

Cool letter this week from Rachel.

The letter was covered with little owls. She said I would have to have them staring at me until I wrote back. So, I guess I had better un-cap a pen and write back

Any of my penfriends that expect anything creative from me must be sorely disappointed. My idea of creative mailing is to use a non-USA flag postage stamp and any ink besides blue or black.

She also sent a nice postcard of the Delaware Canal State Park. I would love to see a canal park. Over the years, canals have fallen from use as modes of transportation, but the canals were so well built that they still carry water. The older canals were designed so that horses or oxen could pull the loaded barges. So, the "tow paths" were pretty flat. Many of these canals have been converted to walking or biking paths and some run for many miles.

One day, I will ride my bicycle on a tow path!(You just knew that I couldn't resist getting a little bicycle talk in here!)