Monday, September 24, 2012

Mangled Mail

Avert your eyes if you have a delicate constitution!

I just knew that I would get some mail this week as I sent several pen pal letters last week. I was not disappointed, but I never really expected to find this! The ominous clear plastic "WE CARE" bag surrounded the carcass of a fantastically penned letter from Joel.

Joel is my pen pal from St. Peter, Minnesota who I met this summer. He has wonderful penmanship and it's a shame that only 31 lines of a 4 page letter were complete.

I gingerly opened the bag and saw this:

I was able to fill in some of the gaps about what Joel wrote, so I am composing a reply. I'm not sure that he really left his wife on the shores of Lake Superior as she crooned to a raccoon, but maybe that's what happened!

I also received a letter from a new pen friend, John. He is an interesting guy and fortunately his letter was not mangled.