Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bullet Journal - Week 1

As threatened, here are some of my thoughts after trying the bullet journal for about 1 week.  I am including some photos of my notes before I tried this method and what they look like after just a few days.  

I chose to use the Field Notes book I started using on October 8.  I anticipate that this particular notebook may not be large enough, but, I really like the portability.

Here is the pocket notebook I am starting out with. The pen is a TWSBI Diamond 540.

This is what my notes typically look like.

Another shot of my notes. Most of what I write is pretty jumbled.

This spread was from the time I decided to try out the bullet method.

This is my first index and calendar layout.

This is my first "daily" use of the method. I want to make sure my notes are not scattered out over many floating slips of paper, so everything will go in this book.  I need to determine how much I really need to write down. Oh, in case you wonder, the mechanical pencil is a .5mm Waterman I have carried for years.

This is a typical day's notes.

I have a few issues to work out with how I use this technique. The first is determining how much I will write as far as meeting notes. Secondly, I want to wrap my brain around using only a few symbols for prioritizing. Third, I need to decide if the pocket size format is right for this use. I think it would be really neat if some of the makers of pocket notebooks would send me a few samples to try out;)I mean, what company would not want to expose their products to my massive readership of my wife and maybe 1 or 2 other people?  

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  1. I tried out the "bullet journal" also and loved it. Ordered a set of Field Notes because I liked the portable size. Haven't tried them together yet but seems like it worked well for you. Thanks for the pics, I will be switching over ASAP.