Friday, April 22, 2011

Writing about Biking and other stuff

I have had a great stretch of mail. One of my penfriends, Speck, asked me in a letter if I would like a few ink samples. So I said sure. About a week later, a massive box arrived, causing the poor letter carrier to wrench her back! It had 18 little vials of samples and a mixing kit with 5 more vials and a syringe. I may never have to buy ink again. Alas, I dropped my camera and can't post actual photos, but I can tell you that this was one of the finest gifts I have received.

Another of my penpals, Kaustic, who had been laid off from the FAA before all the napping occurred, wrote to tell me that he had been off of work for 3 weeks when he received a job offer to work with Bell Laboratories on some super top secret military project, for higher pay and not for the government! Good for him.

Of course The Snail Mailer sent a fantastic letter describing her visit to the Fonthill Mansion, made entirely of concrete!

Add to this, that all of my response letters describe, ad nauseum, my preparations for my bike trip, well, it has been a fun few weeks.