Wednesday, November 30, 2011

European Paper Company Give-away Winner!

I am a planner geek. I started back in 1982 with a pocket daytimer. So, when I had the opportunity to enter the Eureopean Paper give-away for a Moleskine planner, I jumped at it. And I won!!!! So here we go.
The mailbox revealed a package that held...
another envelope! Which was opened to reveal cardboard!
So I tossed that crap aside to find a shrink-wrapped book!
Being the subtle guy that I am, I pulled my pocket knife out (freshly sharpened) and gingerly sliced my way into the package.
It is little (small) but I think it will work to help me keep me on task
it has stickers that will let me tell myself to do something important!
The best part, it seems to be fountain pen friendly! I will be so organized that I won't be able to stand myself and neither will you. I will be scheduling penpal letters, journal writing and ink changes! Well,...I probably won't, but dang, this is a cool little notebook. Get yourself over to European Paper over in Boulder, Colorado and see what they have to offer. Check out the blog, you might win too!!!!!!!!!!!!