Thursday, January 26, 2012

Peek-A-Boo Penpal

I am not a very good blogger. I receive anywhere from 4 to 12 pieces of mail each week. Each is unique and interesting. I am remiss about posting my incoming mail. Today I received an interesting envelope with a great letter from Becky.

I saw her mention it on her blog here and was pleasantly surprised that I received this cool envelope. I will tell you that I don't have the patience to try this. Those that receive my letters know that I rarely even put a fun sticker on the envelope.

So, take heart my MailArt friends. I enjoy all that you send me, even if I don't take pictures and get all bloggery about them. My new friend Tami has great stationery and always does something interesting to the envelope. Elle always does a fantastic creative job of making cool mail art.

What I find most interesting, however, are the words that my friends write to me. They let me see into their lives.


  1. I saw it on her blog yesterday and was like, wow that is so neat. Then I see it on your blog. It's neat how things make their way across the world like that. :)
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  2. Thanks Shannah! It is always good when someone sees the blog!

  3. Hey Troy! Thanks for the mention. Your handwriting is lovely enough, no stickers are needed!