Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why do I penpal?

Sorry, no pictures today.

I have been blessed with a few new penpals in the past month or so. Sometimes, it almost feels like I have too many. But I spent a little time today thinking about the number of penpals I have. I realized I don't have too many.

I live in a little farming town in northeastern Colorado. I am a broke school teacher. I will likely never travel this country, let alone the world. However, because of my penpals I can travel. I can travel through their words.

I've never been to Pennsylvania but I know what that state is like because of Becky and Rachel. They let me in their lives so I know what cold, damp snow looks and feels like. I know what it takes to be a veterinarian and to be a student in college is like. Thank you!

Ilona keeps me apprised as to what is happening in the Northeast, albeit only a couple of times per year, but stories of chasing possums are eternal. Bev is my favorite Californian. She is a theater critic and has reviewed some interesting things! My friend Roger is due back from Florida, tanned, rested and happy. Rob is my fine friend from Italy. Lucas is a kindred soul who has passions for music and fountain pens. Elle and I have invented history together. My new friend Jim and I are sharing a trans-Atlantic spiritual quest to read the entire Bible during 2012.

I have other pen pals that don't have internet personas. Steven and I have have been corresponding for almost 2 years. Bill has become a trusted spiritual mentor (not bad having God and a lawyer on your side). Jane and I share a love of fountain pens and the early American West. Shona is my favorite Scot. Sarah is my sister from another mother (jeez, that doesn't sound as cool as brutha frum anutha mutha) from Great Britain.

I know I have missed some in this tribute. Sorry, I am not the most organized when it come to keeping track of who, what, when, etc. Some of my new acquaintances have been 1 and done, some have been 2 and done, we don't always connect. But each letter is kept safe and occasionally brought out and reviewed.

My life is so much richer because I decided to start using a fountain pen and tried to improve my handwriting.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention my main dealers, Goulet Pens and European Paper gladly fuel my obsession. Check them out.

Thank you all for that you have shared with me.