Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wow, mail!

I was so excited as I plowed through the pile of catalogs, junk mail and bills to find FIVE letters!

I looked through and found 2 penpal letters and 3 letters from A Month of Letters writers.

Becky from Leaving a Paper Trail sent me a neat little envelope book with a letter and a few sheets of pretty stationery.
She hints that I, even if I don't do mailart, I just might jazz it up a little with pretty stationery. So she gets a letter back, on pretty stationery, with stickers and written with (gasp) a gel pen! ;)

One of the treasures of this mail haul comes from Bernard in Six-Fours France. I don't know how he can tear himself away to write a letter if he has that to go out and be in. Anyhoo, Bernard is a fellow fountain pen geek and his letter was a lively montage of pen and ink!
Now, if you don't think that cacophony of color and line variation is fun, well, then, you just don't get it!

I have more to post, but, I have letters to write. So I will cease with the electronicalbloggery and get back to the pen and paper. Maybe, just maybe, I will use this:
and this:
along with this:
to produce this: