Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why Don't He Write?

There is a scene in "Dances With Wolves" where Lt. Dunbar is inspecting a skeleton with an arrow through the ribs. Timmons, the mule skinner, ambles up and says, "Somewhere back east, somebody saying, 'Why don't he write?'" Type the part in single quotes into youtube and you will see something that I thought of this week. Why don't he write?

Sometimes in the frenzy of letter and journal writing, responses just get missed. My favorite Californian Bev reminded me of that this week. So dear friend, a letter is winding the tortured path from Northeastern Colorado to Davis!

I also thought the second half of the video clip was appropriate to me, not necessarily the flatulence (well, ok, the flatulence), but the fact that I am always writing in a journal.

So, specifically for Bev, who is a reviewer of some note, I am an intrepid reviewer now! I entered a giveaway at Goodreads and son of a gun if I didn't win!

This is the first review copy of anything I have received, except for papers from my students.

I am pretty excited to be part of a 'first read' group on this book. I have read to chapter 3 so far. Here is a link to the Goodreads page for this book -----> The Games. It will likely take me a few days to read and then write a review. I will be posting the review sometime soon.

Anyways, I know this review won't be nearly as exciting as some of the 'things' that Bev has seen, but, hopefully, I can write it up well.